UAV lithium battery solution



1. View battery information

In addition to the ability of the UAV smart battery to judge the battery power through the LED lights, it is important because the internal information of the battery can be imported into the APP software through the protocol port to observe the battery information in time. These information data will be stored in the memory chip by the smart management board inside, and the player can grasp all the battery data at a glance through the battery information transmitted by the mobile phone APP.

2. Protection function

The smart management board is a protection wall for the battery cell itself, and the smart battery management board will automatically detect the battery voltage. Once it exceeds the safe range value, it will automatically cut off the current. While charging, the smart management board will also control the battery cell. Perform equalization. During operation, once there is a low voltage, the management version will immediately send an alarm message to the receiving end, prompting that the voltage is insufficient, and return to home immediately.

3. Idle protection

The smart battery itself will detect its own situation. If it detects that the battery has not been discharged within 10 days, the management board will automatically start the sleep mode, which greatly reduces the self-consumption of the smart board and discharges the battery to 65%. Power.

4. Self-check function

The intelligent management board detects battery information in real time to determine whether the battery is in a normal state. If an abnormality (short circuit, low voltage, etc.) is detected in the battery, it will automatically tell the user the cause of the abnormal state through different forms of LED flashing patterns. When it is detected that the remaining power is insufficient to maintain a normal return home (for example, if there is a headwind on the way back, the estimated return time may be exceeded), then perform an in-situ landing to minimize the drone from crashing due to lack of power.